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Springfield, Illinois

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Idiopathic Tumoral Calcinosis in Hand: A Case Report

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Chris Xu, BMBS, Josephine Alexa Potter, BMBCh, Christopher David Carter, MBBS, and Clayton Miles Cooper Lang, MBBS

Scalp Reconstruction: A Review of the Literature and a Unique Case of Total Craniectomy in an Adult With Osteomyelitis of the Skull

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
John P. Tutela, MD, Jonathan C. Banta, BS, Travis G. Boyd, MD, Sean S. Kelishadi, MD, Saeed Chowdhry, MD, and Jarrod A. Little, MD

CASE REPORT Intra-arterial Thrombolysis for Postoperative Digital Ischemia: A Case Report

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Johnny I. Efanov, MD, Andrei Odobescu, MD, Marie-France Giroux, MD, Patrick G. Harris, MD, and Michel A. Danino, MD, PhD

CASE REPORT Photo-Documentation of Thumbnail Regrowth After Surgical Avulsion: Case Report and Literature Review

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Ashley Marie Mefford, BS, Morton L. Kasdan, MD, FACS, and Bradon Wilhelmi, MD, FACS

Reconstruction of Scaphoid Nonunion Fractures of the Proximal One Third With a Vascularized Bone Graft From the Distal Radius

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Frank Werdin, MD, Patrick Jaminet, MD, Beate Naegele, MD, Matthias Pfau, MD, and Hans-Eberhard Schaller, MD

The Effect of pH on Rabbit Septal Cartilage Shape Change: Exploring the Mechanism of Electromechanical Tissue Reshaping

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Lauren E. Tracy, BA, and Brian J. Wong, MD, PhD

Comparison of Cross-linked and Non-Cross-linked Acellular Porcine Dermal Scaffolds for Long-term Full-Thickness Hernia Repair in a Small Animal Model

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Ondrej Mestak, MD, Zuzana Spurkova, MD, Kamila Benkova, MD, Pavel Vesely, MD, PhD, Veronika Hromadkova, MD, Jakub Miletin, MD, Robert Juzek, MD, Jan Mestak, MD, PhD, Martin Molitor, MD, PhD, and Andrej Sukop, MD, PhD

Surgical Excision of Multiple Penile Syringomas With Scrotal Flap Reconstruction

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Elbert E. Vaca, MD, Gerhard S. Mundinger, MD, Jonathan A. Zelken, MD, Gulsun Erdag, MD, and Michele A. Manahan, MD

Application of the Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device (PICO) on a Heterogeneous Group of Surgical and Traumatic Wounds

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Caroline Payne, BSc (Hons), MSc, FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Plast), and Daren Edwards, RGN, MBE

CASE REPORT A Previously Discounted Flap Now Reconsidered: MatriDerm and Split-Thickness Skin Grafting for Tendon Cover Following Dorsalis Pedis Fasciocutaneous Flap in Lower Limb Trauma

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Jonathan A. Dunne, MBChB, MRCS, Daniel J. Wilks, MBChB, MRCS, and Jeremy M. Rawlins, MBChB, MPhil, FRCS (Plast)
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