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Trigeminal Proprioception Evoked by Strong Stretching of the Mechanoreceptors in Muller's Muscle Induces Reflex Contraction of the Orbital Orbicularis Oculi Slow-Twitch Muscle Fibers

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Kiyoshi Matsuo, MD, PhD, Ryokuya Ban, MD, PhD, Midori Ban, MD, PhD, and Shunsuke Yuzuriha, MD, PhD

Sustained Release of Amnion-Derived Cellular Cytokine Solution Facilitates Achilles Tendon Healing in Rats

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Maximilian Kueckelhaus, MD, Justin Philip, BEng, Rami A. Kamel, MD, Jose A. Canseco, MD, PhD, Florian Hackl, MD, Elizabeth Kiwanuka, MD, Mi J. Kim, PhD, Ryan Wilkie, Edward J. Caterson, MD, PhD, Johan P. E. Junker, PhD, and Elof Eriksson, MD, PhD

Idiopathic Tumoral Calcinosis in Hand: A Case Report

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Chris Xu, BMBS, Josephine Alexa Potter, BMBCh, Christopher David Carter, MBBS, and Clayton Miles Cooper Lang, MBBS

Scalp Reconstruction: A Review of the Literature and a Unique Case of Total Craniectomy in an Adult With Osteomyelitis of the Skull

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
John P. Tutela, MD, Jonathan C. Banta, BS, Travis G. Boyd, MD, Sean S. Kelishadi, MD, Saeed Chowdhry, MD, and Jarrod A. Little, MD

CASE REPORT Intra-arterial Thrombolysis for Postoperative Digital Ischemia: A Case Report

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Johnny I. Efanov, MD, Andrei Odobescu, MD, Marie-France Giroux, MD, Patrick G. Harris, MD, and Michel A. Danino, MD, PhD

5 New Journal Article(s) Posted

Cat Bite Cellulitis

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Nadia F. Nocera, BS, Kunj K. Desai, MD, and Mark S. Granick, MD

Pulmonary Injury Secondary to Feeding Tube Misplacement

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Thomas R. Resch, MD, Leigh A. Price, MD, and Stephen M. Milner, MBBS, BDS, FRCS (Ed), FACS

Femoral-Facial Syndrome

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Monique-Terese Squiers, BS, Molly Rideout, MD, FAAP, and Donald Laub, Jr, MD, FACS

Intrathoracic Defects-A Reconstructive Approach

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
James Allan, MBBS, Jeon Cha, MBBS, FRACS, Frank Hsieh, MB, BChir, Johnny Kwei, MBBS, FRACS, and John G. Vandervord, FRACS

Recognizing an Abnormal Course of the Temporal Division of the Facial Nerve

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Sami P. Moubayed, MD, Daniel A. Barker, MD, Jeffrey Rawnsley, MD, Keith E. Blackwell, MD, and Gregory S. Keller, MD

Jack Frost Nips at Alabama: Severe Frostbite in the Deep South

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Tony L. Weaver, DO, Derek Robinson, MD, and E. Shields Frey, MD, FACS

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