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Open Science Co. LLC
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A Systematic Review of Infection Rates and Associated Antibiotic Duration in Acellular Dermal Matrix Breast Reconstruction

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Brett T. Phillips, MD, MBA, Muath Bishawi, MD, MPH, Alexander B. Dagum, MD, Duc T. Bui, MD, and Sami U. Khan, MD

Efficacy and Feasibility of the Submuscular Implantation Technique for an Implantable Cardiac Electrical Device

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Shinichi Asamura, MD, PhD, Takashi Kurita, MD, PhD, Koichiro Motoki, MD, PhD, Ryobun Yasuoka, MD, PhD, Takahiro Hashimoto, MD, and Noritaka Isogai, MD, PhD

CASE REPORT An Incidental Finding of Pleomorphic Adenoma of the Minor Salivary Glands in the Skin Area of the Lower Lip

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Aditya Sood, MD, MBA, Stella Chung, BA, and Ramazi O. Datiashvili, MD, PhD

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Fate of the Dermal Component of Micrografts in Full-Thickness Wounds

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Mansher Singh, MD, Kristo Nuutila, PHD, Carla Kruse, MD, Edward J Caterson, MD, PHD, Scott R. Granter, MD, and Elof Eriksson, MD, PHD

5 New Journal Article(s) Posted

Nodular Swelling on the Lower Lip; Pyogenic Granuloma

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Abdulrasheed Ibrahim, FWACS, and Malachy E. Asuku, FWACS

Radial Tunnel Syndrome Complicated by Lateral Epicondylitis in a Middle-Aged Female

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Sumesh Kaswan, MD, Olivier Deigni, MD, MPH, Kashyap K. Tadisina, BS, Michael Totten, BS, and Bruce A. Kraemer, MD

Finger Amputation After Injection With Lidocaine and Epinephrine

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
T. Ruiter, DO, T. Harter, MD, N. Miladore, MD, A. Neafus, MS, and M. Kasdan, MD

Management of Hydrofluoric Acid Burns

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Netanel Alper, BA, Kunj Desai, MD, and Sidney Rabinowitz, MD

“Mirrored” Rolando’s Fracture of the Base of the Fifth Metacarpal

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
Saptarshi Biswas, MD, Rushyuan Lee, MD, Arpit Patel, MD and Scott Lifchez, MD

Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus and Brevis Rupture in a Boxer

Publisher:Open Science Company, LLC
T. Mundell, BA, N. Miladore, MD, and T. Ruiter, DO

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